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Corporate Plan 2023-2028

Thank you for your interest in our Corporate Plan.

Our Corporate Plan includes our vision for ‘South West Wales 2035’, our aim, our well-being objectives and our equality objective. It also includes our Biodiversity Duty Plan.

Between January 26 and March 8 2023, we consulted upon our Corporate Plan in draft form. On 30 March 2023, our Members looked at the comments received as a result of the consultation before approving our Corporate Plan in its final form. You can view the Final Plan and its associated documentation below.

Downloads - Corporate Plan and associated documents

  • Corporate Plan 2023-2028 (PDF 1.62 MB)

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    mTitle: Corporate Plan 2023-2028
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  • Integrated Impact Assessment - Corporate Plan 2023-2028 (PDF 638 KB)

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    mTitle: Integrated Impact Assessment - Corporate Plan 2023-2028
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  • Easy Read Version of the Corporate Plan 2023-2028 (PDF 384 KB)

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    mTitle: Easy Read Version of the Corporate Plan 2023-2028
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  • Plan on a page - Corporate Plan 2023-2028 (PDF 163 KB)

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    mTitle: Plan on a page - Corporate Plan 2023-2028
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Well-being objectives

As stated above, the Corporate Plan includes our well-being objectives. For ease of reference, they are set out here also:

Objective 1

To collaboratively deliver the Regional Economic Delivery Plan and Regional Energy Strategy thereby improving the decarbonised economic well-being of South West Wales for our future generations.

Objective 2

To produce a Regional Transport Plan for South West Wales that is founded on collaboration and enables the delivery of a transport system which is good for our current and future generations of people and communities, good for our environment and good for our economy and places (rural and urban).

Objective 3

To produce a sound, deliverable, co-ordinated and locally distinctive Strategic Development Plan for South West Wales which is founded on stakeholder engagement and collaboration and which clearly sets out the scale and location of future growth for our future generations.