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SWWCJC – Private Sector Advisory Board – Expression of Interest

Application deadline: 22.07.2024 - 11.59pm

The South West Wales Corporate Joint Committee is encouraging applications from specialists in sectors including transport, planning, land use and energy to join a new advisory board. Once in place, the advisory board will provide expert guidance to members of the committee, which include senior representatives from the Swansea Bay City Region’s four local authorities, as well as the Bannau Brycheiniog and Pembrokeshire National Park authorities.

Applications for private sector advisers are also invited for other sectors including construction, digital, tourism and the creative industries Significant experience in the identified sectors is being sought, as well as strong leadership and communication skills and a willingness to work in partnership with others.

More information about the Corporate Joint Committee for South West Wales is available at

Private sector experts interested in finding out more about applying to become a member of the advisory board are asked to contact:

Details of the role and an expression of interest form can be found below:


  • PSAB Advertisement (DOCX 380 KB)

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  • PSAB Specification Document (DOCX 758 KB)

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  • Terms of Reference (DOCX 335 KB)

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  • Expressions of Interest form (DOCX 762 KB)

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